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Who Can Benefit By Training at Tactical Studies

The essential applications of martial art extend far beyond those of close combat. The art is accessible to all persons, and may be applied by them everywhere and at all times to advantage.

Who Should Apply To Tactical Studies

  • Anyone who wishes to develop a simple, effective method of self governance. This means anyone who believes that one is responsible for one's own convictions, actions and speech.

  • Anyone who believes that a person who is able must sustain oneself, govern oneself and defend one's rights.

  • Anyone who believes that there are no rights but individual rights.

  • Anyone who believes that no rights exist which cannot be defended by force.

  • Anyone respecting the individual rights of all persons.

  • Anyone who wishes to avoid dangerous problems.

  • Anyone who wishes to solve unavoidable problems without resort to force.

  • Anyone who knows that in a sudden emergency the agents of the state, i.e.: the military, the police and the courts, cannot and will not defend you.

  • Anyone who believes it is necessary to take responsibility for one's own defense and who therefore wishes to know how to respond to criminal aggression with the judicious and legal use of force.

  • Anyone who believes it necessary to know the probable consequences of using the force option and wishes to prepare for them.

For persons of average ability and aptitude, having an average amount of time to spend thinking, studying, training and practicing outside the academy, and who attend private and or group classes once or twice a week, a fundamental working competence with the various elements of method and skill should be attainable in about five years.

Even a high degree of competence and preparedness is no guarantee of survival or victory in conflict. The best chance of surviving or winning a combative engagement is 50/50. Victory must not be confused with survival, because victory may be achievable only at the risk or cost of one's very life. Thus when we speak of "self defense," we speak not of defending life itself, but of defending the rights to life and liberty.

Tactical Studies Group will work with you to develop a curriculum around your goals and schedule. For more information on private instruction and group classes, or to schedule a private interview, please call 212-749-1220 or Click Here to Request Information.

For a thorough treatment of our method, read Igensho: The Book of Dignity: General Principles of Martial Art.

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