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Blunt Weapons Skills

Blunt weapons of various lengths (staff, half staff, baton, short baton, pommel), are utilized to inflict blunt impact trauma upon the enemy, and to fend off his attacks.

Blunt weapons have a more flexible utility than edged and pointed or projectile weapons because they can be handled along their entire length, and at both ends. They afford greater discretion than sharp weapons because they can be used to inflict a wider range of non lethal injuries, or to impose obstruction and limited control, yet can be utilized to project deadly force when necessary.

Moreover, virtually any object can be utilized for effect as a blunt weapon. Thus blunt objects not designed for combat can be carried anywhere unaffected by legal regulation unless and until brought to bear against an aggressor.

Tactical Studies provides individual and small group study and training in the use of blunt weapons in addition to a wide array of related skills including knife fighting, sword fighting, firearms, boxing and trapping skills, and grappling and tumbling skills. For more information on private instruction and group classes, or to schedule a private interview, please call 212-749-1220 or Click Here to Request Information.

For a thorough treatment of our method, read Igensho: The Book of Dignity: General Principles of Martial Art.

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