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Jujutsu Martial Arts

Jujutsu is a generic term referring to a great many different systems, all based on the same basic principles. 'Jujutsu' literally means "the method of tactical flexibility, adaptability and resourcefulness" and is characterized by the adage 'rinki o hen;' "exploit opportunity." Its applications are profound and extensive, and are not limited to close combat skill.

The sense of the term as it is now used refers to the skills of grappling and tumbling, but in fact it has general reference to all the methods of engagement with hand held and innate bodily weapons; boxing and trapping skills, grappling and tumbling skills, and the tactics appropriate to their efficient application. The basic curriculum of most systems of jujutsu consists in posture, stance, body shifting, footwork, maneuver, and the exploitation of 'maai', the integrity of distance, angle, rhythm, timing and balance as integrated with:

  • Grip.

  • Boxing and Trapping Skills - striking with blunt weapons and the innate weapons of the body at nerves, acupuncture points, and other sensitive targets.

  • Grappling and Tumbling Skills: holds, locks, trips, traps, throws, takedowns, pins, strangulation skills, and the defensive engagement skills appropriate to those listed above.

  • Weapons Skills.

  • Therapeutic Skills such as revival from unconsciousness, bone setting and massage.

Jujutsu is essentially a warfighting method and like many such, has evolved in recent years into a system of engagement skills suitable for civilian use, and in some cases for competitive sport. This evolution eventuates in Japan with the art of Judo, wherein many of the more lethal applications are not generally practiced.

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For a thorough treatment of our method, read Igensho: The Book of Dignity: General Principles of Martial Art.

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