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Boxing and Trapping Skills

Boxing and trapping skills are found in the martial art of virtually every country in the world. While they are now commonly practiced for sporting purposes, they originate almost invariably as a subset of war-fighting methods whose use is a matter of life and death in the process of implementing the policy of the state or of the individual.

Boxing skills involve evasive and defensive maneuver while striking systematically with the innate blunt weapons of the body, i.e. the hard surfaces of the head and limbs.

Trapping skills involve interrupting without the use of grip, the enemy's ability to strike and to move. Thus, trapping may be accomplished while holding and operating weapons, or while the hands are otherwise occupied. Trapping may also be accomplished with hand held objects to maintain distance, or to avoid body contact with the enemy's weapon(s).

The objectives of any engagement are two:


  1. to avoid being hit,

  2. to strike the enemy at will such that he cannot escape.

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For a thorough treatment of our method, read Igensho: The Book of Dignity: General Principles of Martial Art.

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